Ben Wheeler

I am an independent developer and sorta-entrepreneur in Brooklyn. I'm very excited by exploring ways that technology can connect people to each other and to information in ways we couldn't have until now.

Stuff I've done: I made a course review website in college that is still going strong, a crazy web reality game show site with Morgan Spurlock that MTV picked up, I did high frequency trading for 6 years as a trader/programmer, and am now trying to make fun and useful things. My latest projects are Telepathy, a messaging app in alpha, and eHighlighter, an ocr app available on ios store.

Other stuff: I sorta helped foment political epistemology -- how we come to believe what we believe.

I have RSI and have used full-time typists to type for me for the past 6 years, which is totally crazy but works.

You can email me here.

Also see my personal site, .